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By attempting the impossible - one is meaningfully occupied (D.L.)

Blake Newcome - Investigative Journalist

... the pratagonist of the upcoming book: "Certified Human©" by Dieter Luske

Blake, is a fictional journalist and reporter, who investigates topics in his scope of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, artificial intelligence IA and robots, humanoids or androids development. He often spends months, even years researching and preparing a report. 

Blake Newcome is a creation of Dieter Luske's the Brainland.

Blake Newcome as a fictional journalist has become active on the 1. of November 2023.

Knowing how long an investigation can last, his primary topic, AI and Androids can be expected to see the light of day within the next 2 years.

However, he has to pay rent, and is writing for the "Fact File News" Australia's largest online newspaper as a technical investigative journalist.

NOTE: Remember - this is fiction writing

Here are some question his endless busy mind is asking:

  • What is Reality in the age of Cyberspace? Everything.

  • Is AI alive ? Not yet.

  • Can you become trapped in a Blockchain? Not yet, unless the content of your brain is downloaded.

  • What happens if an AI commits a crime?
    If it was reasonably foreseeable, criminal negligence can be attributed to the human user. More seriiuss questions arise when the crime by an AI cannot be reduced to humans. AI can act unpredictably, autonomously, and unexplainably.

  • What are the real dangers of AI?
    Misinformation (including fake images and video known as deepfakes), privacy concerns, loss of jobs, bias and discrimination, market and financial volatility, to mention only some.

  • What crimes are committed by AI?
    Audio and video impersonation, driverless vehicles as weapons, tailored phishing, disrupting AI-controlled systems, large-scale blackmail and AI-authored fake news.

  • How does AI threaten human rights?
    It threatens our freedoms of expression and thought. If generative AI becomes the next generation of search engines, there ar ethe concerns of politically biase, providing false information and disinformation.

  • AI generated Fraud:
    By analyzing unlimited data, AI algorithms can generate phishing emails, fraudulent advertisements, or even deep fake audio and video content, aiming to deceive.

  • And what about us humans, have we been invented by AI?
    Will we ever know?

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