Certified Human - upcoming book by Dieter Luske

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Certified Human - upcoming book by Dieter Luske

Blake Newcome - Investigative Journalist, the pratagonist of the upcoming book:

"Certified Human©" by Dieter Luske

Blake Newcome, is a fictional journalist and reporter, who investigates topics in his scope of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, artificial intelligence IA and robots, humanoids or androids development.

The book: Fiction - set in 2033

Title: Certified Human

Sub-title: Who is who, and can you trust anyone or anything?

Blurb - short description:

The year is 2033. - In Brisbane, Blake Newcome, an investigative journalist for the Fact File News, is in for a shock.

Investigating with the help of his dream team, his long term friends—a detective, solicitor, IT expert, and stockbroker—the magnitude of the discovery changed life as we knew it.

In Sydney, a gala event revealed more than Blake bargained with.

Can Blake stop the enigma people in the know called the Zookeeper? Who was the Zookeeper, and what was his goal, considering that he trained humans instead of animals in his dream of utopia?

In Canberra, the prime minister takes advantage of the new paradigm revealed by Blake, aiming for re-election.

One thing Blake didn't see: was the Zookeeper using him?

Intriguing and authentic, Dieter's book, 'Certified Human' will make you question whether this is the future or happening now.

A story merging crime and science fiction. Can Blake conquer his enemy, his personal Moriarty?

Certified Human - upcoming book by Dieter Luske

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