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What is Reality? Is it a fixed state for all of us earthlings, or is reality different for everyone?

I go for the latter; we all live on this planet but in different realities.

I have always been keen to create my own reality and have been aware that we are not only all different, but we also perceive the world around us differently. Therefore it follows that we all live in different realities.

The other difference is that as long as one does not think about reality, it forms itself by what individual people perceive, believe and are indoctrinated with.

If one thinks about reality and accepts it has been shaped and formed just by living, one can also take reality further and create one's own.

The topic of reality is these days much more prominent and visible than it used to be, all because of the hugely different opinions floated on social media.

People not only post about their opinions, which would be fine, and after all, that's what I do here. But people also insist they know the truth, relying on tunnel vision. However, the truth is as variable as the reality; it could even be said there is no truth. - The truth we live by is always just an agreement, and we all know there is little agreement about anything. And even if we agree on something, which could be the truth or even a universal value, something like "to kill a human being is wrong", half the planet thinks this is not the truth and keeps killing anyone they disagree with.

In other words, at this time on this planet, there is no finite reality, and there is no truth; there is only ever an "Agreement", which is often violated.

I like to create my own reality, but I also have been aware that my reality is just mine and has nothing to do with someone else. An essential part of my reality and truth is that supporting each other is best for humankind, and war is obsolete. If this is right, others can decide; however, as long as we have wars, we know that too many powerful groups have a different reality and a different truth; they believe that killing is legit. - In my opinion, that is beyond sad.

To stay halfway sane in this world, creating your own reality is a good option. - If there is no universal reality or truth, we may as well create our own.

Philosopher thinking about Reality

Does 'Reality' have any important application to anxiety? - It sure has; whatever is real for you and whatever reality you have created is the cornerstone of your security.

If you can control your reality, you will have no anxiety. - Anxiety is based on a future scenario that will likely never happen.

By creating your reality and lifestyle, you successfully have eliminated uncertainty, a powerful trigger for anxiety.

How to create your reality? Design the life you want to live.


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Chaos in Brainland

A Guide for Creating a Stress
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Discover dynamic techniques, different perspectives, and "First Aid Anxiety Response Hacks" to master your mindset and liberate your mind.

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