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By attempting the impossible - one is meaningfully occupied (D.L.)


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Book companion ... Photos by Giselle and Dieter


Cologne Germany - Market stall - 1974

Cologne Germany - 1974


Bondi - in the seventies

... towards Bondi


Bondi seventies - Bondi Pool - Bondi Icebergs Club

Bondi Swimming Pool - 1974 - Bondi Icebergs Club


It happened in the seventies - Bondi

Giselle and her sketching pad - Bondi Steps


Seventies Panel van in Bondi

Mobile Home Panel Van


Australian Government House in 1975

Government House in 1975


Seventies Coolum Beach camping

Coolum Beach Bliss


Rubyvale General Store in 1975

Rubyvale Gem Town


Rubyvale Gemfield - relaxing, playing chess - 1975

Rubyvale - relaxing after a hard day of digging


Rubyvale - Mr Stonebridge and his trophy Sapphire 1975

Mr Stonebridge and his trophy Sapphire


Bowen Tomatos - 1975

Giselle - Hard Labour - Bowen Tomatos


Sunburned in Bowen 1975

The result of hard labour


Forthside gold mine in 1975

Clockwork Orange? Nope - Forthside - old Goldmine.


Personal Spa Experience - Forthside 1975

Personal Spa Experience - Forthside


Tracking - Forthside


Devil's Marbles Australia in 1975

Devil's Marbles

Alice Springs Road sign in 1975

Yes, it is Alice


Alice Spring Folkmusic Festivale 1975

After the Folkmusic Festival



Uluru, or as it was known in 1975, Ayers Rock

Uluru, or as it was known in 1975, Ayers Rock

Uluru,  in 1975, Ayers Rock

Sorry, didn't know any better


Uluru,  in 1975, Ayers Rock

The magic of a tripod


Marlboro Country - In the seventies



Narooma Christmas Feast

The Christmas Feast


Stocking up


To drive or not to drive


Rubyvale Camping - 1976

Rubyvale Camping - hot water in abundance

Gem hunting machine


Omo wasing day in Rubyvale - 1976

Monday is washing day


Gem cutting in Rubyvale - Faceting - 1976

Faceting - Fascinating

That bra will not burn


How could I?





Beach Babe


80 Miles Beach


The Devil is resting


Flinder Ranges


Pinball Wizard


Home Going Party


The Happy Couple


Checkpoint Charlie


Brandenburger Tor - The Brandenburg Gate


Bondi Swimmers









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