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By attempting the impossible - one is meaningfully occupied (D.L.)

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Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

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A Guide for Creating a Stress and Anxiety Free Zone

The chaos in society is reflected in chaos between the ears, the territory Dieter Luske calls Brainland.

Dieter is a holistic counsellor with decades of experience and has conducted analysis in that most complicated laboratory – the self. You will discover dynamic techniques, different perspectives, and "First Aid Anxiety Response Hacks" to master your mindset and liberate your mind.

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Replacement Concept

Replacement therapy is a concept that I have formulated because one cannot think about something one thinks about.

That may sound like a riddle, but it's one of the curious things the mind does. The only way to not think about a thought is by replacingit with another thought, because by not thinking about a thought, you think about it. - Try it – do not think about "Brain Chaos".

There are two behaviours that shouldn't hijack your life, one is anxiety, and the other is what you do to avoid anxiety. 

Anxiety is a set of mental anguish symptoms we want to replace with something much better; no one wants to be controlled by anxiety. But the exhausting act of trying to avoid anxiety is also a factor that can negatively impact your life.

Have you stopped anything you want to do out of fear of getting into a stressful situation or anxiety?

The fear of getting anxious can be worse than the anxiety itself.

That type of chaos needs replacing, and replacing takes effort and time.

Most of the techniques I write about are replacement techniques, meaning they replace something unwanted with something wanted.

Time is also of the essence. Rather than spending time worrying, spend time with something creative, constructive, valuable and supportive.

Curiously enough, it is always easier to worry than to think constructively. It takes no effort to worry; it comes automatically. However, it takes some serious "mental aerobics" to adjust our thinking in positive, productive ways.

Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Dieter Luske (Lüske - Lueske) is a writer who enjoys life and life's journey. He loves working with Giselle, his wife, in their enchanted organic garden, dabbles in art and music and consults on holistic health and lifestyle topics.

Dieter is the author of 4 books and has published hundreds of holistic lifestyle philosophy articles and lives by his motto.

"By attempting the impossible - one is meaningfully occupied (D.L.).".  


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